Become An Affiliate, Build Multiple Income Streams

Being a TCP Member allows you to build your own simple marketing system, but it also allows you to build multiple income streams effortlessly.

Want to make consistent weekly revenue that dwarfs most peoples’ monthly paychecks? Want to stop spinning your wheels and stressing about how to make ends meet, without paying an extra cent in training or expenses? How?

Well, as a TCP Affiliate, you’ll become a 50/50 partner in a thriving multi-million dollar leads and marketing tools business!

What’s better than 50/50 of a mega business, you ask? Well, all the costs and fees of doing business will come out of our end. You get all the upside. It’s not too good to be true. It’s the reality for TCP Affiliates.

As a TCP Affiliate, you’ll earn $25 monthly for every $50 Monthly Membership you refer, so after you refer two active Members, for each month your two referrals are active, you earn $50, which covers your Membership fee. Anything above that is extra income for you. You could be one of our affiliates making thousands of dollars every month selling our systems, all while you build your own business with our marketing tools suite!

And it’s not going to take you a bunch of extra time. As a TCP Affiliate, you’ll get preset funnels all ready to launch, so you won’t have to create anything new. Just set up the funnels and instantly start selling (and profiting).

We want you to succeed. This is a partnership, remember? So included in your Monthly Membership, you get access to:

  • TCP’s exclusive Facebook community
  • Private master-seller training sessions

And guess what else? As a TCP Member, you’re already an Affiliate! You don’t have to do or pay anything extra to sign up.

The smartest and most wealthy people in the world develop multiple income streams. Now’s your chance.

Will you take it?